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The User disappears after changing its status.

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in the Cloud office security webinterface i want to change the status of some employees from protected to unprotected because they dont work by us anymore. 

when i change the status from "Protected" to "unprotected" the user disappears from the cloud security webinterface! 

while i was expecting it to appear but unprotected, 

is this normal ? 

note: I am changing the status by clicking on the user and choose unprotect. 

thank you in advance. 


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  • ESET Staff

Hi @Saado ,

there is a toggle switch on the Settings page (see screenshot below) that toggles visibility between all users vs. users that have a valid M365 license. If this user was protected before but his M365 license was suspended, yet ECOS protection was still active, they would still show up in the interface. But once you unprotect them, the filter is applied and they are not displayed anymore. Try turning this toggle switch off and see if the interface displays this user in your list again.


Thank you for your business

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