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Daily "Primary clients with outdated virus signature database"

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I have a client from whom I get a daily notification of "Primary clients with outdated virus signature database".


The thing is, every time I check the server, this client is fully up to date.  It shows as green in the "Clients" tab, along with the rest of the workstations.  I have the notification set to Activate after 3 days, so I know it's not a timing issue.  Repeat is set to 24 hours.  


Any ideas?  It's really annoying and gives the sense that protections aren't fully working, when they clearly are.




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  • ESET Staff

Hello Jonathan,


Would it be prudent to try updating ERAS to the current 5.2.22 build? You can create a sort of snapshot of the existing ERA data by backing up the C:\ProgramData\ESET\Remote Administration\Server folder.


*Note that if you've configured the storage folders to save to nondefault directories, then you'll need to note the paths that those are stored at, back them up separately, and then restore to that path if need be.


That said, if you stop the ESET Remote Administrator and RA HTTP services before running the ERA installer, you shouldn't have any issues with the upgrade.


*Should you be prompted to reboot, ignore it and continue on with the installation. ERA installations never require a reboot in spite of Windows' occasionally claiming that.


Upgrade the Console installations, re-login, and see if the issue persists.



Alternatively, if this only happens with one client, you may want to see if anything about the default scheduled update task or else the update settings themselves are different from the other machines. If those are the same, then try ordering that client to clear its update cache and redownload the current update bundle.



Best Regards,


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