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Error while receiving LiveGrid data

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I see this repeated in the EI Connector logs every 1 to 4 seconds:

Error while receiving LiveGrid data. Direct host: "c.eset.com", Direct port: 80, Proxy host: "", Proxy port: 0. Error code: 3. Network is down

The workstation can ping c.eset.com and hit everything else I've tested on the Internet.

Can anyone clarify what is the source of this error and how to rectify it?

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Please refer to https://support.eset.com/en/kb332:

To use the online reputation database (ESET LiveGrid®):

  • Ensure the following ports are open for all IP addresses listed below: TCP 80, TCP 53535, UDP 53535
  • The IP addresses below have to be enabled for HTTP port 80
  • Users on ESET Endpoint version 8.0 and later, access to your local DNS server is required for DNS queries and must be able to resolve hostnames
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