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EES French Translation issue "Detections occured: 0"

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Guest Kermit

In Eset EndPoint Security 7.3.2039.0 localized in French LCID 0x040c > "Computer Scan",
"Detections occured: 0" has been translated into "Une détection a été effectuée : 0"
That is to say "A detection has been performed: 0" or "One detection was carried out: 0".
It is not possible to have simultaneously both One detection and Zero detection.

Improve the translation simply by: "Nombre de détections : 0"
That is to say: "Number of detections: 0".

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Endpoint v7.3 is already in limited support. Please test it with both the English and French version of Endpoint 10.0.2045 and if the localized version doesn't match the English one report it through a support ticket please.

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