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Secret Malware In European Union Attack Linked To U.S. And British Intelligence


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The Regin malware, whose existence was first reported by the security firm Symantec on Sunday, is among the most sophisticated ever discovered by researchers. Symantec compared Regin to Stuxnet, a state-sponsored malware program developed by the U.S. and Israel to sabotage computers at an Iranian nuclear facility. Sources familiar with internal investigations at Belgacom and the European Union have confirmed to The Intercept that the Regin malware was found on their systems after they were compromised, linking the spy tool to the secret GCHQ and NSA operations.



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Why did it take antivirus giants YEARS to drill into super-scary Regin? Symantec responds...

FYI this isn't just going to target Windows, Linux and OS X fans


After Symantec published its report on the Regin super-spyware, there were many questions raised. Who coded it? What can it do? And – above all – why did it take so long for security vendors to notice it?  


Regin is a sophisticated piece of software. It can be customized for particular missions by inserting into its framework plugins that provide individual bits of functionality. If a copy is captured, only parts of the malware are revealed rather than its full capabilities.




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I thought why not include a link to the following article in this thread.....


ESET response to Bits of Freedom open letter on detection of government malware


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