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Problem with "extending" my license to Nod32 8


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Hello, I was informed that my Nod32 7 could be upgraded to Nod32 8 and I could keep my license. Since I didn't have a very good experience upgrading directly from one version of Nod32 to another in the past (the anti-virus itself works great though and I've been using Nod32 since about 2007), I decided to uninstall Nod32 7 and install Nod32 8. I then entered what I thought was my present username and password (I had it saved on my computer), only I was told it expired last year. Turns out it was my old username and password.


Anything I can do to remedy this? I'm quite certain that the license I was using for Nod32 7 is valid until next year, and obviously entering in the old username and password has caused Nod32 to helpfully remind me that my old license is, in fact, old and expired.


Edit: I did go the whole "enter your email to receive your username/password" route just now, but I haven't received a reply.


Edit #2: Ignore this whole topic, the email came and I got my actual license and Nod32 8 works just fine. If anything the mods can delete this.

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Just for future visitors:

As long as your license (username/password) is valid, you can use any version of the ESET product you bought (ESS/NOD32). So you can of course also upgrade to the newest version for free.


More information about how to do this upgrade you can find here:

How do I upgrade ESET Smart Security or ESET NOD32 Antivirus to the latest version?

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