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Smart Security freezes when "Scan Computers" was clicked

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I have a newly installed ESET Smart Security 8.0.304.4. Operating System is Windows 8.1 Pro

Once I clicked "Prüfen des Computers"(German version of "Scan Computers"), The GUI will freeze, no further actions will be responded. Checked the Task manager.

Eset Main GUI occupies 5-15% of the CPU, about 200MB memory and no disk or network access.

I tried to stop Eset Main GUI Process with taskmanager. The "Eset Main GUI" is immediately stopped and the window on the screen is then closed, but another process called "Eset Main GUI" too appears in the task manager with a different blue logo.

After I kill the second process in taskmanager, the smart security restarts.


Then I have a look at the statistics, the scanning is still running in the background, but it will be hanging too, when I click the "Scan Computers"

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