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Cannot run Eset Online scanner. Event Viewer message says "sciter-x.dll is not found"

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Guest Boris

Hi, I cannot run ESETOnlineScanner.exe. Although I can run other anti-virus scans using MBAM, AdwCleaner and Rogue Killer without any issues.  I found the following message in Event Viewer:

"....Application popup: ESETOnlineScanner.exe - System Error: The code could not be executed because sciter-x.dll was not found.

Reinstalling the program may correct this problem..."

I have tried to run the latest ESETOnlineScanner.exe and tried to open using "Run as Admistrator"

I can see a flash of the outline of the program trying to start but then nothin happens.

Thanks and best regards

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Please check if %LOCALAPPDATA%\ESET\ESETOnlineScanner\sciter-x.dll really doesn't exist. If not there, delete the ESETOnlineScanner folder and download the ESET Online Scanner again.

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Guest Found Solution using JRT

Hi Marcos, thanks for getting back to me. I tried that, deleted the file, the dll, but it still did not work. However 

I ran JRT, Junk File Removal Utility (the predecessor of AdwCleaner) and then I was able to run ESET. But just once. When I tried to run it a second time, same issue.

So I ran JRT again and I was once again able to run ESET. So something that JRT does that resets the sciter-x.dll ( I guess ).  I know that AdwCleaner has replaced JRT but I ran it (Adw) several times and it did not work, for launching ESET.  JRT still functions and you can download it at Bleeping Computer, possibly MalWareBytes(?) 

I'll keep you posted if I have any more issues. Glad to have ESET Online Scanner back in action. It is the best anti-malware /anti-virus utility out there (along with Rogue Killer).

Thanks again Marcos and have a great day


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