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Protocol filtering SSL + Mozilla products - current status?

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I guess once in the past, yet in the days of 7.x or 6.x major version of ESET security products for home user

there was an issue with SSL protocol filtering and Firefox.

An issue in that way both together did not comply.

So in the end effect for users who use Firefox as standard browser the SSL protocol filtering was practically useless.


How does it look today in this regard? I mean if to take ESET security products with 8.x major version for home users

and Firefox/Thunderbird of current official builds. Still not compatible?

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Not sure if you mean scanning of https communication or Firefox updates that don't work unless Mozilla's certificate is excluded. If the former, it's always worked like a charm and there were no issues if you manually imported the root certificate. Automatic import to the latest version of Firefox will be added in the next build of the Internet protection module. As for the latter, it's not ESET's fault that Mozilla doesn't accept self-signed certificates.

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To be honest it's not the user's concern where the reason is placed.

Can not follow back in short time what the use case were. However, we can remember 

the feature had to be disallowed cause to often the addressed issue as obstacle in daily work.

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