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ESET Endpoint Antivirus (Features to add in UI)

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Hi there,

here are a few suggestions about the missing components in the UI which should be added to make it more usable.

I would appreciate if you could pass them on to the product team and the devs, Marco. :)



1) Full System Scan

currently the menu only allows people to perform a custom scan or a removable media scan, however there's no button for a full system scan. It would be nice to have one so that users can trigger a full system scan (which is one of the most used features in any antivirus) without having to rely on the command line.



2) Add a scan progress in terms of bar or percentage like we had in ESET NOD32 so that users are gonna be able to know how long it's gonna take to perform the scan and at what point of the scan the system is.

3) In the three lines menu (top right), add an option to view files that are currently in quarantine. This will allow users to view which files the antivirus considered as malicious and either delete them forever OR restore them.

4) In the three lines menu (top right), add an option to add exceptions. Perhaps the antivirus detects some unsigned executable as malicious and blocks it, however it might as well be just a development version of a program meant to be tested or whatever, so users should have a way of whitelisting some paths and/or individual files.

5) Scheduled scan. Some devices might be running overnight, therefore it would be sensible to be able to schedule some scans on them when they're not in use, like during the night. In other words, it would be nice to have an option to schedule scans on a particular time of the day or perhaps just on some days etc.

6) Sensibility. It would be nice to be able to adjust the antivirus sensibility and either raise it or lower it according to what the user might wanna do and what the box it's running on is supposed to do.

7) In the about section, a license is shown, however it would be nice to show how long that license is gonna last and when it's supposed to expire, so that the user can see it at a glance.

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