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EFDE for Mac and issue


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Hello guys,

I’m posting because I installed EFDE in my new ARM MBP and it’s full of alerts regarding encryption.

When I installed EFDE the SSD was already encrypted by FileVault. AFAIK EFDE in macOS only manages native encryption in contrast with Windows where ESET has its own encryption technology that replaces BitLocker.

Is this a bug? Because if FileVault is already enabled when EFDE is installed, why it’s not informing that all is OK regarding encryption? How can I resolve those alerts?


This also happens in some of our customers that use macOS.

Thank you, guys.

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  • Administrators

Please raise a support ticket for this. Couldn't it be that there are at least 2 disks and only 1 is already encrypted with FileVault?

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  • ESET Staff

Hi @Lockbits,

So just to confirm are these machines Encrypted with Filevault already, before EFDE was in the picture? If so, the message is correct, it cannot be Encrypted again by EFDE, you will need to decrypt them via FileVault if you wish for EFDE to take over the management of Filevault and Encrypt them again.

EFDE cannot take over the management of Filevault whilst its already in place.

Thank you,


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