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how to integrate ICAP server with EMC Isilon.

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We are employees of the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology.
I am using ESET Endpoint Antivirus + ESET Server Security product.
And We are using dell emc isilion.

I want to detect isilon's nas filesystem with eset.

So, according to the manual below, both onefs and eset activated icap and configured according to the manual.

What does ip mean in the above manual?
We currently don't understand the concept of an icap server.
I wonder what the structure diagram of the above manual looks like.

Whether eset works as an icap server or as a client?
Is isilon acting as an icap server or as a client?

Or do I have to physically build and configure the icap server separately?
Here at Eset Korea, I am not familiar with the contents, so I am asking you this.

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