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EFI\Computrace.A is this a virus ?

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guys check these pictures ....

i cant even stop the service from the taskmanger ....!!!

even i run the safemode with network still cant stop the service !!




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The detection is correct. However, CompuTrace is not a virus but a potentially unsafe application and this detection is optional. Detections in UEFI cannot be cleaned and the only option is to upgrade your UEFI firmare provided the vendor offers a version without CompuTrace which is very unlikely. Therefore we recommend creating a detection exclusion as per the instructions at https://support.eset.com/en/kb6567.

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so if the application is weak it might be exploit or rootkit behind this file work in the shadow  or stealth mode...

uefi:\\Volume 5\Application {057AD6B7-3525-40C8-9D21-552642894E3A} - a variant of EFI/CompuTrace.A potentially unsafe application - retained

 at least tell me what is this key ?


do you have the same key with other customers ?

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I have te same issue and this is on an Asus H270M-Plus motherboard. I know Lenovo portables have these kind of tracing elements built in where you can take a subcription with Absolute Software to trace the notebook when stolen. But i have never seen this on a Desktop integrator part like a motherboard. 


Also there are no selectable or visible settings in my BIOS (v1605). 


I also have the feeling that something is not right here. 

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Posted (edited)
5 hours ago, Another-ESET-User said:

I have te same issue and this is on an Asus H270M-Plus motherboard.

Here's the manual for the motherboard: https://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/LGA1151/PRIME_H270M-PLUS/E12027_PRIME_H270M-PLUS_UM_WEB.pdf . I didn't see any references to Computrace/Absolute settings but those are often hidden settings;


Computrace related settings are not visible in BIOS Setup of ASUS X102BA

It seems that the BIOS Setup Utility developer decides whether to include the feature to enable/disable the Computrace module in BIOS Setup. There are no policies that force the developer to implement this feature. This creates a serious obstacle for ordinary users in disabling Computrace.


Note that a mATX motherboard could be used in either a laptop or desktop enclosure.

You would have to contact Asus tech support to fully verify that Computrace/Absolute feature was not included in UEFI/BIOS firmware.

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