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Although not allowed EMS checks GPS location


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I had enabled GPS for a while and I didn't marked my device as stolen.

But anyway EMS retrieved my GPS location. On my.eset.com nothing is shown about this, but I saw in the settings that ESET used the GPS to find out my location, but I hadn't marked my device as stolen.


This only happened one time (respectively I only saw it one time). I just switched the GPS mode to power saving mode and there I saw it.




EMS v 3.0.1173.0

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EMS will automatically check your gps coordinates under certain conditions.

If your battery hits low, 5-15% it will automatically get GPS, in the instance you lost the phone and the battery died on you. :)

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Yes you're right!

That's surely the reason.


How could I forget this? :wacko:

So: case closed! :)


Just as a general information for future visitors: You can also disable this at anti-theft.eset.com, so if you don't like that it's not a problem.

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