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Does ESS-8 let me see all devices on my home network ?

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Few days back I switched to Eset Smart Security version 8 from Norton 360.  One thing I liked about Norton was an applet that let me see all the devices on my network.  Does my ESS-8 have an applet that does this ?  I've browsed the menus and can't find one.

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If you go to create a custom scan, and in the select targets window, you can choose network and see all your computers, provided network discovery etc is turned on.

Simply opening a command prompt, and typing "net view" will list all computers in workgroup or domain.


I could list several more ways to see them as well including explorer of course.

Not sure what your benefits were of Norton seeing all computers ? Were you performing actions or functions against them with Norton? Or just looking at them ?

I am searching for the significance with your request. :)


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