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How to use the software

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I recently phoned eset about purchasing their internet security , they said when i need to buy it i do not need to set up an account i can just pay for it and i get an email to download and install it but on the q & a pages it says i have to set up an account ????

Do the windows versions contain a firewall.

Do any program cause a conflict with other software such as malwarebytes , i had to stop using this because after my current av got an update it said their was a conflict between the av and malwarebytes


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Currently you don't need an ESET HOME account and you can skip this step during installation.

However, we recommend creating one since it gives you the possibility to manage and share your licenses, deactivate ESET on unused devices, provides access to Anti-Theft and your Password manager password stores, etc.

As for the firewall, it's included in ESET Internet Security and ESET Security Premium. If you would like to get file encryption, password manager or ESET LiveGuard, the cloud sandbox where files downloaded from the Internet are run and analyzed prior to allowing access and execution, go for ESET Smart Security Premium.

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