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ESET Web and email protection is not configured- MacOS - Error Started Appearing

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I have 2 production Macs running OSx 12.5 and running 7.1.1700 and 7.2.1600. Seems like this started late last week but both now show red in the Eset Protect console with ESET Web and email protection is not configured error. This only happens when a Mac is restarted or not initially logged in. Once a user logs in , i can see the red dot on the Eset endpoint icon disappear after a few seconds and the Eset Protect console error clears. I thought it might be 7.1.1700 so i upgrade one to 7.2.1600. Same issue. One Mac the user left a couple of months ago so it has been sitting waiting for the initial login for weeks now without throwing any errors (until i noticed today) and as far as i know, not updating any other software in the background as it is not actively used. Something changed late last week with either OSx or the Eset endpoint modules that is now throwing this warning as i have never seen it before today.

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This is not computer specific...it is doing on both my Macs running same OS version....one hasnt been used(just sitting there at login ) for weeks...i find it hard to believe this is a computer specific issue since both are experiencing same issue.

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