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ESET Protect Latest Version - E-Mail Integration


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is there any option with which i can send an mail to e.g. task@eset.domain.xyz and eset protect checks this inbox and then executes a defined task? chatgpt tells me its working but its only referring to eset protect vers. 9.0 and im quite sure i didnt see this funtion in vers. 9.0

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i mean the tasks which i can create in eset protect. like: run command on pc - display message, start scan, and so on.

i want to trigger those existing tasks which are placed on a group not by logging in to eset protect, i want to trigger them by sending a mail with some specific subject content to eset protect and then the task should get executed :)

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ESET PROTECT does not act as a mail server with a dedicated email address that would be used as a trigger for tasks if a specially crafted email was sent to it.

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