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I have tried to use URL address management to block spotify website. I've added the url to the list of blocked URLs, applied changes, even rebooted PC, but still https://www.spotify.com/uk/ loads with no problem whatsoever. Any suggestions? Screen shots attached.













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Yes it worked, thanks a lot. I've also discovered that there is a music player from spotify. Anyone knows how to block the app that is locally installed???


Create a general firewall rule, and select the application.

Anything it does regarding network activity will be blocked.


If you want to block things like disk activity, program interaction, launching, etc.

You will create a HIPS rule, select the application, and officially select the functions you do not wish the application to carry out.


Get back with us if you need assistance with a HIPS rule. ;)

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But I think there is a problem with this - the software must already be installed (and I don't think that this is the case in his situation), because you have to select the application.

However you can of course create a firewall rule to block the spotify servers (for all programs), but you have to discover first what servers this are.

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