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Changing server address/port on existing Eset Agent

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On a remote site with quite a few computers there are already Eset Management Agents installed which pointed to a local ERA Server.

Since the local ERA Server does not exist anymore I tried re-deploying an AIO Installer using the Eset remote deployment tool.

The remote deployment finished without errors/warnings but the clients do not arrive in my MSP console. Upon checking this on one of the clients on site I noticed the existing Agent still has the old server and port in its configuration.

Is there a way to change these values for the existing agent?
I can't drive hours to make a little change on every PC.

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Since endpoints are no longer reporting to ESET PROTECT, you must re-deploy the agent using correct server settings and peer and CA certificates. Do you mean that you created a new agent installer PROTECTAgentInstaller.bat with current server settings and certificates and ran it on the machines but it didn't make any difference?

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Posted (edited)

No, I created an all-in-one installer (security product, agent, certificate, server address, port).

The software has been updated but the agents still tries to connect to the non-existing local ESET PROTECT instead of our MSP console.

The correct server and port are configured in the all-in-one installer. Seems like the existing agent on the remote PCs was updated but the server address and port were not overwritten.

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If you have Endpoint already installed, you just need to re-deploy agent. Try running PROTECTAgentInstaller.bat on one machine, it should update agent settings. If the AiO installer doesn't update agent settings as you say, please raise a support ticket for further investigation.

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