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Client computers wake-up as task?


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This question was asked > 2 years ago, but I don't think the answer given actually answered the question:


The "action" in the answer is an immediate action - but does not define anything about setting this up as an ongoing, scheduled task. This is similar to the information here, for current product:


I have the same question, can a "wake up" action be scheduled as a task, so that any computers that are sleeping can be woken in order to do a full scan during non-business hours?

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No, it can't. You probably meant wake-on-lan (WOL) and not the wake-up feature. While the wake-up feature utilizes EPNS to send a signal to an online machine, the WOL feature sends a multicast datagram to machines in the the local network and therefore is supported only by the on-premise ESET PROTECT server.


Ethernet connections, including home and work networks, wireless data networks, and the Internet itself, are based on frames sent between computers. WoL is implemented using a specially designed frame called a magic packet, which is sent to all computers in a network, among them the computer to be awakened. The magic packet contains the MAC address of the destination computer, an identifying number built into each network interface card ("NIC") or other Ethernet device in a computer, that enables it to be uniquely recognized and addressed on a network. Powered down or turned off computers capable of Wake-on-LAN will contain network devices able to "listen" to incoming packets in low-power mode while the system is powered down. If a magic packet is received that is directed to the device's MAC address, the NIC signals the computer's power supply or motherboard to initiate system wake-up, in the same way that pressing the power button would do.

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