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How to get Mailheader from quarantined or Spammail?

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Hello everyone :)
Actually we use the Mail Security Solution from another Vendor, but would now like to replace it with ESET Mail Security (it runs fine, but without RDNS, Greylisting and so on).
However, an important factor is being able to look at the original header of the email when emails end up in quarantine, or when we manually check why the email was blocked.
For example, to find out whether original and "real data" is contained in the e-mails, such as employee names, reference to old invoices, old e-mail communication or offers. Or see the domains in the header, and then blacklist them.
Where can I see this information or maybe even the *.msg in ESET?

Kind regards :)

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  • ESET Staff

Hi Daenni, 

yes in Mail Quarantine you can check the original headers of quarantined emails, in the Details window.

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