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Which standard RBLs are using in ESET Mail Security?

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Hey :)
It's a simple question, but i can't find a Topic or Informations ins ESET FAQ about it.
Which out-of-the-box RBLs are using in the Mail Protection?
Sometime, we have trouble with RBL marked IP Adresses (Found in Spamlist 1..), but a look at mxtoolbox there is no negative listing in any RBLs. The IP-Adresses/MX Entries are definitly fine ans a false-positive.
Thanks a lot and kind regards :)


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On 4/24/2023 at 9:30 AM, M.K. said:

Hi, ESET Mail Security doesn't use any third party RBL by default, only our own cloud service.

Okay, thanks a lot!
Is there a RBL Link to check or report as false positiv?

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