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Network scanner problems

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So with the new little update that happened at eset I used to have a network called home in network inspector. Now the network is called by its real name. And it blocked my router svchost.exe and System (idk what is System). So I went to the settings and at network settings basic I turned the first option to ask user ( it was in greek I don't know how to translate it) cause it used to be at windows settings. Did I messed up? After the change of this setting though everything went normal. What happened? 

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37 minutes ago, Marinos said:

After the change of this setting though everything went normal.

Then it appears that you no longer have a problem.

I recently ran a Network Inspector scan under ver. 16.1 and did not observe any of the behavior you describe. After the scan, it did ask me if I wanted to change my network connection name to "My Network" which I did not do.

As far as "Ask user" option, that option applies to how Eset handles the classification of a new network connection being detected. With the "Ask user" option, you will have to specify if the new network connection is "Trusted" or "Untrusted." The "Use Windows setting" option defers to how the Windows firewall classifies the network connection which is "Public"; i.e. Untrusted, by default.

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