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ESET MSP API - Activated units detail

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Hello everyone,


We are using API for invoicing purpose and we have successfully set up licenses details API in our system.

But now we are trying to use ESET MSP API for getting activated units details.


Nothing about activated units or seat or devices... The only data we can get is the number of days a product used on all devices.

Documentation used : UsageReport (category) | ESET MSP Administrator 2 API Guide | ESET Online Help


And we need to get a list of devices as shown in the screenshot attached.

Does anyone found something about getting activated units details through API ?


Many thanks,

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  • ESET Staff

Dear Yohann,

thank you for your feature proposal for EMA API, however I do have to inform you that currently our EMA 2 API is in maintenance state, thus no new features shall be introduced into production. In the near future we shall introduce new next-gen product that will include all key functionalities.

Request that you sent is noted as future improvement and we will do our best to introduce it to our users as soon as possible.


Thank you in advance for your time, I do wish you a lovely day.


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Hello Marcos,


Many thanks for your answer. I have opened a new support ticket.

Once the issue resolved, I will share the response here and close this topic.

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  • 5 weeks later...

Any response from support regarding this @Yohann?

I can see that the API calls made in the portal are done to this endpoint:

But I can't find any documentation on it.

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Has any progress been made on this? 

Since these products ESET Endpoint Security for Windows has been changed to "ESET Endpoint Security + ESET Server Security"
Our clients want to see the activated unit license details to see if they have Linux, windows or MAC licenses. 

How do we show them that detail? 

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  • ESET Staff

Dear @JoseR @FRNY and @Yohann,


we would like to better understand what is the ultimate goal for having access to activated units via API. Would you like to use this information for some billing automation? What are your use-cases for having it?

Would it be enough to have information about attributes “ProductName”, “ProductVersion”? EPC API has already plans to provide this in future releases. Though I cannot now estimate when it will be provided. 


Thank you.

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Hi @Iveta_Svisti,

We need it to provide data to our customers which units are using licenses from their license pool. It seems like a pretty basic request that we can also see which units are claiming licenses so that we provide the maximum amount of transparency to our customers.

As it stands now I need to cobble together that information from ESMC CSV reports and send it to the database which feels like a couple of steps too far.

You have the functionality in your own private endpoints so it seems that it should be possible to provide also to us.

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Same with me.
Since the licenses were grouped under one name, like ESET PROTECT Entry On-Prem and no longer showing on the License report if its Linux, Windows or MAC (which our clients want to see), our entire automated billing system is now broken.

I tried getting the activated units info via API, but this is impossible, as stated above. 

What would be the FASTEST way of getting the activated units as part of the API GET calls. 

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