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Windows 11 Camera App Not Working When Webcam Protection Is Enabled

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The computer I have is a Dell G7 17 7790 with Windows 11--all updated including drivers.

When I have the Webcam protection enabled and start the Windows Camera app, it freezes frame and the app queries for permission settings. I exhausted all the options there (including Troubleshooter) to no avail. If I turn webcam protection off, the Camera app resumes function. I tried to add a new rule, but the ESET app doesn't allow that manually, so I tried to coax it into querying for permission by deleting the rules. This didn't work, so I'm now at a loss.

What should I do so that I can have a rule that allows the Microsoft Camera app permission to access the built-in camera?

Thank you for your help!

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According to Eset online product help, you should have received an alert when the Windows Camera app tried to access the web camera:


Webcam protection

Webcam protection informs you about processes and applications that access your computer's web camera. When an application tries to access your camera, you get a notification to allow or block the access. The color of the alert window depends on the application's reputation.


Selecting Allow should have created a rule allowing that app access thereafter to the web camera.

Also there appears to bug in regards to this statement:


When Webcam protection is enabled, Rules become active, enabling you to open the Rules editor window.

When I did so, there was no option to manually add a rule.

-EDIT- This knowledge base article provides more details: https://support.eset.com/en/kb7071-create-and-edit-webcam-rules-in-eset-windows-home-products . Appears a rule can only be added as result of webcam alert Allow response. Thereafter, the added rule can be modified via selecting it and modifying it as needed.

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If there are no blocking rules for the webcam and disabling Webcam protection makes a difference, please raise a support ticket for further investigation.

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