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Multiple SAN (Server Alternative Name) in ESET PROTECT's Server certificate?

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I have a running ESET PROTECT instance on a server, accessible by the "eset.example.com" FQDN.

I would like to make it also reachable, by the ESET Management Agents, under another FQDN (say "av.example2.com").

My agents are not showing up on the ESET PROTECT web console (ERA) and the logs contains:


2023-04-19 09:31:10 Error: EraGrpc [Thread 0x16c31f000]: EraGrpc: EraTsiHandshaker::VerifyCertChainHandler untrusted certificate Peer: av.example2.com:2222 Code: 0
2023-04-19 09:31:26 Error: CAgentSecurityModule [Thread 0x16afb7000]: Certificated user verification failed with: VerifyDnsSubjectAltName: Hostname does not match any supported record in certificate SubjectAltName extension (eset.example.com)

Looking a the certificate I get from port 2222:


 0 s:CN = Server at eset.example.com, C = US
   i:CN = eset.example.com Server Certification Authority, C = US
   a:PKEY: rsaEncryption, 3072 (bit); sigalg: RSA-SHA256
   v:NotBefore: Jun 28 22:00:00 2022 GMT; NotAfter: June 25 22:00:00 2032 GMT

I think it's only a matter of adding SAN to the (issued by the ESET PROTECT Certification authority "CN = eset.example.com Server Certification Authority, C = US"): but how to do that?


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