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Chrome Extensions disappear when started from BPP

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Chrome is my default browser, so when I select Banking and Payment protection from ESET Internet Security, it opens Chrome, but the "jigsaw piece" icon that normally appears after the address field has vanished!  It appears and works normally to open a list of my extensions if I open Chrome directly (not from BPP).  Further, if Chrome is opened from BPP and I select Settings | Extensions from the Chrome menu, the only extension that appears is Google Docs Offline.  If I attempt to "re-install" one of my extensions, the attempt errors out with an Invalid CRX File error.  My version of Chrome is current (Version 112.0.5615.121 (Official Build) (64-bit)), and my version of ESET Internet Security is also current (, although I experienced the issue in the previous version of ESET as well.

I checked the ESET settings for BPP, and the Basic option for Extension installation mode is already set to "All extensions", so I would have thought my extensions would be allowed?

Thanks in advance for your assistance,

Bob K.




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If you run Chrome via its shortcut, all extensions should load. This is not the case if you run the isolated browser through the BPP shortcut on the desktop.

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It seems that you are merely affirming what I already stated from my experience.  My questions are:

  1. Is this the way that the BPP shortcut to Chrome is supposed to work?
  2. If so, why can I not open my Chrome extensions when Chrome is started from the BPP shortcut?  At first blush, it seems that the "All extensions" option of the Extension installation mode was designed for the very purpose of allowing "All extensions"!

I apologize if my questions seem simplistic; I would really like to understand ESET's intentions behind not allowing "All extensions" when a browser is started from BPP.



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The BPP desktop shortcut launches an isolated secured browser which:
1, uses a separate profile
2, blocks all extensions

The "All extensions" mode refers to the browser launched via a browser shortcut. If you need to use extensions, do not launch BPP via the BPP desktop shortcut.

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