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ESET tells me to install System-Updates but Windows doesnt show any updates

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my ESET Smart Security tells me to install system-updates but Windows tells me that there are no updates available. Can someone explain me why ESET is showing that and Windows doesnt show any updates ? I set it to critical in the ESET settings. Also there is more to it:

I do not want to manually click on "Search for updates" because this is not recommended by Microsoft. If i manually click on "search for updates" in my Windows settings, they might give me untested updates or unstable updates that are not recommended for my system. That is also the reason why you always get way more updates when you manually search for them instead of letting Windows automatically install recommended updates that are released and tested for my system. So now i am a little bit confused why ESET tells me there is one critical update from 12-2022 and 13 optional updates available when Windows says there is not and was just updated automatically. And i also set it to only inform me about critical updates in ESET settings. I already got this popup yesterday right after Windows automatically installed the latest updates around 2:13AM in the morning, as you can see in the screenshot.








As you can see in the screenshots:

- ESET shows a popup that updates are availabe: 1 critical from 12-2022 and 13 optional updates right after i installed the latest updates. Windows just updated the system automatically today at 2:13AM and i ESET notified me about this right afterwards.
- Windows shows no updates and my system is up to date
- I also uploaded a screenshot that shows the update log from 2:13AM and ESET settings

Here is are few sentences that confirm what i said at the beginning by Microsoft themselves:

"As Microsoft revealed, only people who clicked “Check for Updates” got bitten by Windows 10’s file deletion bug. When you click the “Check for Updates” button, Microsoft gives you updates early, skipping a normal part of the testing process.

“We Encourage You Not to Click ‘Check for Updates'”

In other words, Microsoft intentionally rolls out big updates like this slowly to Windows 10 users automatically when released, checking for problems to ensure you’ll be safe. But, if you ever head to Settings > Windows Update and manually click “Check for Updates,” Microsoft throws that careful process out the window and installs the latest update on your PC without any further testing. That why dont like to click on it manually. I assume that Microsoft still handles it that way.

Best regards,

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ESET merely reports information about OS updates that receives from the OS itself. You can raise a support ticket for a script that will retrieve info about updates from the OS. We have already seen cases on server OS where there was a bug in Windows which didn't provide MsrcSeverity information which subsequently caused a discrepancy in evaluation of missing updates.

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Thank you for your quick reply.

I might open a support ticket for this later, so we can check what is causing this notification by ESET. I will go ahead and disable the notification about Windows-Updates in ESET if it doesnt disappear automatically after the next update cycle. WIndows should install recommended and critical updates automatically anyways right ?

Kind regards,


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Yes, Windows installs updates automatically except optional updates. ESET merely queries Windows for available updates and displays a notification, if available.

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I believe the problem here is there is a critical 2022-12 update that Eset finds as not installed. Eset Win Updater query is triggering off of that to constantly inform that Win Updates are available.

The OP's Win Update status posted screen shot does not show this critical update as available for download. Why? Because the OP stated he specifically does manually check for updates.

The solution to the Eset not constantly warning of available updates issue is to check for available updates in Win 10/11. The not installed 2022-12 critical update should be displayed. Download and install it. Eset at this point should stop notifying about Win Updates being available.


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