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Bug in ESET (or Outlook) when virus is found during bulk removal of messages


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Office 2019, POP3 account, ESET Endpoint Security 10.0.2045.0

I wanted to remove 40000+ e-mail messages from one of our account in Outlook. I selected them, Shift+Del, confirmed, Outlook started to remove them but after a moment it just canceled and ESET displayed that it found a virus (it was probably some old e-mail that was not detected at the time we received it). So I selected those remaining messages, Shift+Del, confirm, Outlook started to remove them, and again after a moment it found another virus and canceled removal.

Honestly it's driving me nuts. I'm PERMANENTLY REMOVING these messages, why is ESET even scanning them. Sure, I can just do it again and again and again untill I remove everything, but for me it looks like a bug in ESET.

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Please raise a support ticket. In the mean time I've asked developers to check if Outlook invokes scan on read while deleting a bulk of messages. Does disabling scanning of read messages make a difference for you?

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