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Weird issue in EBA console where a Nod32 activation somehow creates a "license overused" issue

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Hi guys, don't know if anyone can help.

I work for an IT company who sell and manage Eset solutions to clients. (EBA, EPC, Office Protect...)
We're based in Quebec, Canada

I've been cleaning, managing, deploying and installing Eset solutions for a little over a year now, on PCs, laptops and servers but this situation is quite puzzling... Even for our contact Pierre Roy.

One of our client contacted me earlier this week for an expired licence issue on a computer and while investigating, turns out there were 2 expired licences even if the licence was renewed... Oh well, that was  just a sync problem, that is sorted out now.

Here is the part that makes no sense...
Get a seat, grab some popcorn, here we go...

There is a Nod32 and Endpoint activation for the same computer in the EBA console...

Yes, I already know the EBA console does not activate or manage Nod32 (residential) products, as I told support by email earlier this week, it's called BUSINESS account for a reason, yet the activation is there for some obscure reasons and causing a license overuse, but I can't, for the life of me, get rid of it...

Is it possible they upgraded from Nod32 to Endpoint and that seat got imported in the EBA by the agent somehow while activating ?

How do I get rid of it to resolve the "licence overused" issue for my client ?

Thanks !


Attached is the same screenshot (with blurred licences numbers because "the internet") I sent to support and I've been told it "cut off".


2023-04-13 16_16_37-Window.png

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Missed one license # to blurr in screenshot
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