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eset is using too much cpu

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My eset smart security is permanently using too much cpu, 40% at least, most of the time gar more. Despite all the program starts maintainable routines at times it wants to and not to the ones I instructed.

Why do I pay for such a nuisance???

I want a security program silently running in the background.

And: I am completely virus-free, so this cannot be the reason for the strange behavior.

Well, maintainance again, cpu usage: 100%...the third today...

Version 7 was much better....

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Couldn't it be that an on-demand or startup scan is running? Update and especially the compilation of update files could also account for the higher cpu use.

If possible, create a dump of ekrn via Task manager when the issue occurs. If you're using a 64-bit Windows, the best would be to create the dump using Procdump tool by Microsoft (run procdump -ma ekrn.exe).

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