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I just discovered that my laptop my mobile and my tablet are all being used when I am in Slovakia by someone else

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I have been trying to track some Crypto scammers for 2 years. But it never occurred to me that I should check IP addresses on my devices until I actually made a discovery about the Crypto Scammers. I managed to find the accounts that they have my money in and lock it down. when I did this all hell broke loose and my phone started to behave in the strangest way Flashing and jumping from App to App and a RED digi Face at the top of my phone flashing. I decided to do a total search of the phone activity and found to my surprise and absolute rage that the scammers was able to login into my devices and I was not aware of it for quite a while. This was my own fault and I can not blame anyone for it. However I hope that this year to be able to rely on this security package I have purchased from ESET. I am giving you a big shout out because I do believe that your system works and my Partner assured that your product is good. In view of my current discovery I should be asking you questions. but I have been a little lax with my security protocols and have had the same phone for a number of years (something I would not have dreamed of in the past. IP Address that invaded my phone this is an Android Device and I traced it to Bratislava from Orange. Is it possible you could Block this Device from gaining access to my Devices? And keep the details on record but do nothing else? The devices are my Mobile Phone and my Laptop. My purchase covers both right? You do not have to put this for all to see if you feel it undermine you but please lock this IP from my devices

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