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ESET Server Security For Microsoft Windows Server full installer?

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We are working in an industrial environment and since version 10 ESET no longer has a link to download the full version of ESS but only a partial installer. This has as a result that we can't upgrade because our servers are not internet connected. How can we obtain the full version of ESS?  

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That is not a full installer for server but only a 45MB web installer. In the past the full installers for windows server where 200MB, the current installer is only 45MB and when starting the install it will download the rest via the internet. 

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We'll check it out and update the KB. However, even if the server is not connected to the Internet, I assume that you will update modules using a mirror created on a machine with Internet connection, won't you?

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3 hours ago, Marcos said:

You can download full installers from https://support.eset.com/en/kb8400.

Ver. 9 appears to be a full installer; ver. 10 appears to be only a partial installer.

Also, it appear Eset finds something amiss with the ver. 10 installer:

Time;Hash;File;Size;Category;Reason;Sent to;User
4/11/2023 10:05:17 AM;8D6E7F8AF166B4538D627180FE7D9635F1452FF5;C:\Users\xxxxxx\Downloads\DxtQkhWJ.msi.part;46825436;Executable;Automatic;ESET LiveGuard;xxxxxxx


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