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Telegram app detected as a malware "Android/Clipper.AJ"

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This is for real or its just false positif. Just to make sure, I tried it again to install from play store and again ESET mark it as a malware. Anyone have the same problem?



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we discovered the first Android clipper on Google Play, which led to Google improving Android security by restricting system-wide clipboard operations for apps running in the background for Android versions 10 and higher.


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Hello, same thing happened to me. I got the message Android/Clipper.AJ found for the installed Telegram application.
I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it from Google Playstore, it gives the same thing.


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21 hours ago, AndiAusK said:

Was heißt FP ??    

It stands for "false positive".  Since this is an English forum, please post in English.

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I had installed the Telegram app from the Google Play Store app a long time ago.

The Telegram app was updated on 4/5/2023. Neither the detection routines 27021, 27022, 27025, 27027 nor 27030 detected the app as malware.

Only detection routine 27033 recognized the file as malware AJ Clipper. After uninstalling and reinstalling Telegram from the Google Play Store App it was also detected as malware. On the Virustotal website only Eset detected the extracted APK as malware.

Detection routines from 27035 onwards no longer recognized Telegram as malware. However, I deleted Telegram and reinstalled it from the Google Play Store from detection routine 27035 onwards. Now the App was not detected as malware any more. According to the Google Play Store, the last change to the Telegram app was on 4/2/23. 

Before reading this thread I wrote an email to the German support. The German support does not know anything about a false positive or a problem? 

Can anyone official from Eset confirm that there is a false positive result according to detection routine 27033?

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