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Black screen on waking up

Julien SEMET

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Hello all ! 

I recently installed EFDE at one of my clients on 2 laptops HP 450. Same configuration, same use. ( Bitlocker turn off, HP Wolf security uninstalled)

One of the 2 computers got serious trouble when waking up : the laptop restart but i got a black screen. The only possibility is to turn off the laptop and restart it. The trouble arrive everyday on this laptop and only two time on the other.

I decrypt the SSD on the one who got the trouble and the customer told me that the problem dissapear.

Anyone have ever seen this problem ?


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  • ESET Staff

Hi Julien

I'm sorry for the delayed response in this matter.

Two initial possible fixes spring to mind which should cover the majority of cases when issues like this occur. One of them being making sure the BIOS of the device is fully up to date. Another being to turn off fast start-up in Windows, you can see how to do that here - https://support.eset.com/en/kb7419-disabling-windows-fast-start-up

If neither of these resolve or improve the issue, then I would recommend you submit a support ticket with a diagnostic log attached - https://support.eset.com/en/kb7123-eset-encryption-diagnostics-tool

Kind regards,


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Hello Ashley.

Thanks for your answer. Unfortunatly i have already do this process.

I'll listen to your recommendation and open a ticket.

Many thanks for your time.

Kind regards.


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