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Mail Security - Rule Condition - Internal message and Outgoing message

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Hello ESET

Could you please describe how EMSX determines that message is Internal or is Outgoing?

Here are official descriptions from online manual https://help.eset.com/emsx/10.0/en-US/idh_wizard_rule_condition.html

  • Internal message: Applies depending on whether a message is internal or not internal.
  • Outgoing message: Applies to outgoing messages.

Could you give some more details how EMSX works with these conditions. 

Thank you in advance.

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  • ESET Staff


Ad. Internal: messages are consider as internal if the SMTP connection is not marked as external by Exchange server, or when the email comes from the internal mailbox, or when is submitted via local pickup.

Ad. Outgoing: this is based on the email recipients categories. EMSX checks all recipients of the email to determine whether they are located in the same organization, in different organization, or are marked by Exchange as external.

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