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Suggest to include firewall smart mode

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I would like to suggest next release to include a smart mode to firewall filtering mode. something similar to Norton intelligent firewall.


Example, there is really not neccessary to annoy user to decide whether to block Windows own processes, like dashost, rundll32, svghost, windows explorer......etc. to communicate to Akamai or Microsoft(or any other whitelisted IP's from Live Grid) unless it is trying to establish outbound traffic to a suspicious remote computer say in China, Russia, Nigeria or whatever.


Also, it would be nice if we can see the data(in readable form) being traveled out in real-time or in a log, think about HTTP Sniffer which captures HTTP header info.

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About the "firewall smart mode"...

Well, I wouldn't use it (I would still use interactive mode), but maybe such a mode similar to the "HIPS smart mode", which was added in v8 of the ESET software, would be a good idea.

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