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3CX VoIP Software Compromise & Supply Chain Threats

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Regarding the well known topic of these days, wanted to point out that via the ESMC one cannot view the 3cx Desktop app via the Add/remove list of programs. Checked for filters / cleared etc. , not there.  

We had to manually check all computers to locate 1-2 that we had this installed to remove it and all left overs after many further actions and research. 

3cx desktop app not listed in add remove programs via eset esmc.png

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Hello Laskmar, does the 3CX app shows in appwiz.cpl (add or remove programs)  in the affected client?  Also can you confirm that in your agent policy you have the Report non-ESET-installed applications enabled?

Thank you!

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//does the 3CX app shows in appwiz.cpl (add or remove programs)  in the affected client? 

//Was the app installed for all users in the Program files folder?
The 3cx desktop phone installs to path  :  C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Programs\3CXDesktopApp\3CXDesktopApp.exe

If not mistaken 3cx desktop app does not ask during installation where to install or giving the option to modify path. Also computers installed had only one user in our case. Nevertheless, opened a ticket to our support to check above agent's policy setting, due to being hidden from my account/view, will revert.

If a program for whatever reason is installed to different path than default, why it will not be listed ?

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