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Should I have Windows built-in Firewall ON or OFF with ESET?


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I just noticed that my Windows Firewall is on (accessed via Control Panels/ Windows Firewall)  for Home, work and public network settings. I have Windows 7.


Since I have ESET NOD32 Antivirus protection, I am wondering if this should be ON or OFF?


Thank you.

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At first: What version of ESET do you use? And I assume you're using ESS. Or are you really using NOD32?


Please go to "Control panel → System and Security → Firewall".

If you're using 7 or higher then it should look like this:



If you're using NOD32 then I must say you that ESET NOD32 doesn't has a firewall included.

You have to use ESET Smart Security to have this feature.

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