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Problem with activation of legally purchased and paid version Small Business Pack 5

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Hello, I need to activate exactly ESET Nod32 Business Edition x5 (it was buy earlier in 2020, several kits in the SNG, ESET Nod32 Business Edition x5)
Since I bought it officially, and the cost for the product was paid in full.
I have a question, where can I apply for a purchased/purchased ESET Nod32 Business Edition x5 product?
I purchased the product in good faith, and I am not in Russia or even in the SNG countries.
I am not in any of the countries (Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Moldova, Georgia and Armenia.)
Before the expiration of the license, I used the product perfectly and everything suited me, namely:
Downloaded an update for 1 workstation without Internet (Windows 7 x32, hardware requiring a 32-bit version is installed)
I have 1 own server (very old and officially purchased Windows 2008 R2)
And also 3 more workstations, so I bought the ESET Nod32 Business Edition x5 kit.
I don't need any other product as I was happy with everything and everything worked great.
That is, it was enough for me to login and password + license file for the server part.
New License ESET Nod32 Business Edition x5: RU71-xxxxxxxx

P.S. Technical support request, do not forward my question to Russian technical support, as they offer pro32 instead (which works disgustingly, because friends made a mistake and agreed to a replacement), and also Thai technical support offers me to purchase the product again, for which I have already paid in full business license for 5 devices.


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I was able to find only trial licenses and an already expired license 3AS-JVE-35U registered with your forum address. Please purchase a new license from https://www.eset.com/th/ if you haven't already done so.

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Posted (edited)

Screenshot_641.thumb.png.e979649bd282ee70cfcb491cc8a3405a.pngYou probably did not understand, I have a new box with the product in the photo, when I opened it, there is an activation key, but it does not activate, and it is suggested to contact technical support.

License: RU71-xxxxxxx



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Please provide the activation code starting with "RU71-". However, since it was issued by the former Russian distributor and ESET stopped selling in Russia in March 2022, I'm not sure if we'll be able to help.

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Dear technical support!
Can you answer my problem?
The officially new purchased license is not activated, what should I do with it, consider that the company refuses its obligations to me.

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