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Suggestion: Different product upgrade channels for ESET products


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Quite many topics were opened about the fact that (mostly) version 8 isn't released as PCU yet, so that the button "Check for new product version" isn't saying that there is a new version out.


If you have questions why the ESET software didn't show a "upgrade-message" or why it isn't upgrading automatically I suggest you to check my post in another topic. I give a short explanation for all this questions and I linked to some kb articles that show how to upgrade exactly or how to get ESS or NOD32 checking automatically for upgrades.


And for the last thing I have a suggestion.

As you know you can configure ESET so that it checks automatically for product upgrades, but it will only inform you if if the upgrade was released as a PCU.


But I can understand that some people want to get informed immediately about a new product upgrade.

And because of this I would suggest to make different upgrade "channels" for the product upgrade of an ESET software.


For the updates of the VSD there are two channels too:



And so I think it would also be useful to have two channels for the product version upgrade as well.

For example one "regular/normal update" and "instant update".


Have a look at this mockups as two possible examples:



In both examples the setting is set to the "regular upgrade checking". I think it could also be good to set this as default or to ask the user at the installation whether he wants to automatically check for product upgrades.

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This is an excellent post with really well thought out approach/solution to keeping ESET users advised of new versions or major updates with a notification.

Would be good for novices, people who don't live/care about PC security or want to dig into the inner workings of ESET.

It would be nice to see ESET incorporate this option/function in the next version of ESET.

I myself would not be interested in any beta news/versions but absolutely want to be automatically notified of any version upgrades or major updates.

Also like the idea this would be the default setting to just simply be notified something new is available. 


Great job on this post, rugk, I appreciate the work you put into the mockups.  :)

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Thanks. :)


Please also note that in the newest version (8) of ESS and NOD32 ESET also changed the update/upgrade system so they can also publish another kind of PCUs which always triggers a notification - regardless of the settings you've set.

More information here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/4650-no-auto-upgrade-to-newest-version-of-ess-8/?p=26882

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