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server install script - Debian 11

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Hello all Ia'am trying to put together a install script with a bunch of options all around and it seems that I'am missing some pointers , since there is no one to ask I'am writing to you all.

So this is my script : 

sudo ./server-linux.sh \
--skip-license \
--db-type="MySQL Server" \
--db-driver="MySQL ODBC 8.0 Driver" \
--db-hostname=\debian \
--db-port=3306 \
--db-admin-username=root \
--db-admin-password=password from step II.4. \
--server-root-password=password123456789 \
--db-user-username=debian \
--db-user-password=debian123456789 \
--server-port=2222 \
--console-port=2223 \
--locale=pl-PL \
--ad-server \
--ad-user-name=admin \
--ad-user-password=KXXXXXXX0 \
--ad-cdn-include \
--cert-hostname="debian," \

--disable-imp-program  - /here I alsow get  --disable-imp-program not found  

After execution I get 

--ad-server: not found , so what kind of expression should I actually use here  ? The manual shows : ( --ad-server ) and nothing else.


Thanks in advance for help.


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