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Double click on eset icon on taskbar resumes paused playback of music or video in media player.

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Guest Superman

Double click on eset icon on taskbar resumes paused playback of music or video in media player BE or classic.

Does not matter if it is minimalized or not or program version.



Dvojitý klik na otvorenie konzoly spustí hudbu alebo video z už otvoreného, ale pauznutého prehrávača MPC-BE alebo MPC classic

Nezáleží na tom, či je minimalizovaný alebo nie.


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Please follow this Quick question forum rules:

2, Post in English. If you don't speak English, use a machine translator.

4, Ask only simple questions. If you want to report an issue, inquire about your license, etc., create a forum account first. This forum is not intended for lengthy discussions.

Anyways, if the issue occurs with the latest v16.0.26 please raise a support ticket for further investigation. A fix in global key events was made in recent versions of v16 so I'd expect it to be ok in the latest version.

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Please post a screenshot of key settings for Play/Pause, especially if you don't use the default key preset. Does temporarily unchecking "Global media keys" make a difference?


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