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Eset Smart Security Secure Browser Breaks Edge

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Guest singlecel

Eset Smart Security Premium (latest) breaks Edge 111.0.1661.41 including settings when Secure All Browsers is enabled. Settings will not load, no sites resolve. Edge just loads to a blank white screen. Only resolution is to disable secure all browsers.

Oddly enough, does not appear to affect Chrome (latest build(.

It also appears the use secure browser or ask redirect functionality does not work as intended. Testing with 2 sites .. neither prompts or automatically loads as a secure browser in either Chrome or Edge.

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Guest Theroc

Can confirm this for ESS and MS Edge 111.0.1661.43 too. At least in Win 10 Pro. No pages swill load even the Edge setting page is blank.

Restarting the OS does not fix this. Neither does repairing Edge. Or any other of the cookie cutter suggestions. Only when Disabling ESS secure browsing does Edge work normally.

Firefox is unaffected.


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  • ESET Moderators


we would like troubleshoot it with you.

At first please enable the Secure All Browsers option, perform further reboot (make sure it is a full reboot, not a shutdown and system start.)

Please provide us with:

1. Process monitor log (with advanced output enabled) from the Edge browser start (with the Secure all browsers enabled) https://support.eset.com/en/kb6308-using-process-monitor-to-create-log-files

2. Output from ESET SYsInspector tool when the Edge is running 

3. process dump from the main Edge process

Once you have them, pack them into an archive, upload it to a safe location and send me the download details over a private message.


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  • ESET Moderators

Hello Team,


Banking & payment protection module 1300 is available on the pre-release update channel.


If you encountered an issue with MS Edge can you please:

1. switch to pre-release updates, wait until the product downloads and applies the updates

2. reboot the machine (do not change the Secure all browsers option) and report back how it behaves

3. if the issue persists please provide us with:
1. Process monitor log with advanced output enabled

2. ESET SysInspector log output (taken while the problematic MS Edge is running)

3. Process dump of the main MS Edge process (if you not able to obtain it, send the logs without it. Note: Which is the main process can be identified via the Process explorer view)


Please describe what the issue with MS Edge actually is (Browser crash, the page is completely blank, user is unable to browse, etc...), it seems there might be more of the issues based on the reports


Thank you,


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