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hi guys 

how can i do this Offline Repository ؟ 

eset protect server does not have access to the internet


Please let me know the cmd command related to this method. I would like to have only the 64 bit versions of eset endpoint security and the rest of the products will be filtered.

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Could you try using the parameter --filterFilePath and a filter like this?

    "use_legacy": true,
    "defaults": {
        "languages": ["en_US"],
        "platforms": ["x64"]
    "products": [
            "app_id": "com.eset.apps.business.ees.windows",        
            "app_id": "com.eset.apps.business.eea.windows"

For more information, please read https://help.eset.com/protect_install/10.0/en-US/mirror_tool_windows.html.

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