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Security updates for ESET PROTECT v9?

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Hi everyone

We are still on on-prem PROTECT version This version is still supported (limited support) for quite a while. I wanted to find out if security updates are still going to be released until limited support ends? For example, Apache Tomcat was updated in v10 due to discovered vulnerabilities. Will the same happen for v9?


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Hello @st3fan,

naturally we recommend to upgrade to the latest supported version, if you need to stay with the EP 9.1 for now we recommend to upgrade the Tomcat manually https://help.eset.com/protect_install/91/en-US/upgrading_apache_tomcat.html

To mitigate the vulnerability you need to upgrade it locally anyway and the installation binaries are not available on the download site anyway.

btw. our QA hasn't performed tests with the EP 9.1 and the latest Tomcat to declare the official compatibility.


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