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ESET rescue disk .. Secure boot violation

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Asus Aspire XC-885, Windows 10 Home ..

Hi all, trying to use the rescue thumbdrive and the PC throws up this error..

Secure Boot Violation
Invalid Signature Detected  ...etc

Anywho disabled security in BIOS but still get same ..
Tried disabling "driver signature enforcement." but I cant login to windows when the security is off . No PIN available etc ..

So I'm stumped ..

Any help much appreciated ..
Tried both ISO and IMG and used Rufus to create the drive ..

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Dang it thought I'd solved it ..🤔

Under the Authenication tab in the BIOS Secure Boot-  I disabled it and now it will boot off the USB
Now although ESET runs it then throws up a error:
intrams: unable to find a medium containing a live file system

Under the Security tab I put settings back to what it was prior:
TPM Device Selection -- PTT
TPM Support -- Enabled
TPM Operation - None

ESET still starts but still throws up the unable to find error ..
Any ideas ?

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Posted (edited)
18 minutes ago, Marcos said:

Are you able to create a bootable USB stick that works as per https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/create-a-usb-stick-on-ubuntu?

Hi sorry I didn't see your reply but thanks ..
Appears I was looking at the wrong tab in the Authentication tab there was the Disable Secure Boot ..
Et voila ESET now boots but get error..

Ubuntu boot disk ? What do I do with it ?

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