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Could ESET PROTECT distribute custom files to controlled computers from the management interface?

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Guest Shidor

Here is my ESET PROTECT (Webconsole) version: 9.0 (

I wrote a bat file, which needs to be placed in the user's computer, and the bat file is executed through commands, and then some computer information is collected.
Is there any way to let me do it through ESET PROTECT?

I have searched in the interface but couldn't find it, and there is no relevant explanation in the knowledge base, so I am here to ask a question.
Thank you in advance for your help.

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You could use the Run command task to run the batch file from a network share and redirect the output to a file in the same or another network share. Since the task is run in the local system account, the share must have full permission granted for the computer and not just for a particular user who is logged in.

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Guest Shidor

It sounds like there is no way to directly send files from ESET PROTECT web console to each user's computer, and it can only be executed through other network sharing files.
Thanks very mush, I'll give it a try.

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