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ekrn.exe causes high usage of cpu (up to 25%) while downloading with idm

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When i set idm to download two files (each of them with 16 or 8 split connections) after sometime my system becomes so hot and noisy (because of fans's work!) also in task manager the percentage of cpu usage is up to 25% for ekrn.exe!

how can i fix and get rid of it it?

thank you :)

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With idm you mean the Internet Download Manager I assume.


Just a basically question first: What ESS version do you use?


For  troubleshooting it would be nice if you could say us if the issue goes away when you disable the firewall temporarily?

If not try to exclude the IDM from protocol filtering and tell us if this works if you do so. (Important: This isn't a solution for your problem, but a step for troubleshooting - Undo the change after you tested it!)



And BTW: And what has this to do with "online scan"?

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